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The Lone Ranger

You'd lose your mind trying to understand mine.
We all want to be original, and that's what makes us all the same.

“When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he’s everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he’s not easy to spot; he’s really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair.”

—   Taylor Swift (via amortizing)

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If only I was given a dollar for every time I made myself look stupid in front of a cute person

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i’m just tired and sad and want to makeout with you

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“I’m not the same everyday. There are times where I’m loud and chatty, and there are times when I’m really quiet. I don’t think I can define myself.”

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I wonder if anyone ever looks at me while I’m doing something and thinks I’m pretty. Because I do that all the time to people. 

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